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Shadows, Secrets and Promises

The Story of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur

Cynthea Jones

Step into a world of Myth and Magic. Meet Magicians, Kings,
Priestesses, and Queens.  As this timeless tale unfolds, you will discover that each character has a secret to share and a promise to make…to you.  Magic mirrors hidden in a labyrinth of storytelling, at each turn you will see yourself.

This beautifully told myth will surprise you and offer you a new perspective of the characters, the Gods and Goddesses of old, and, most importantly, yourself.  The Grandmother of Time and the Sisters of Fate are waiting for you. An old man talks of prophecy, and he is talking to you. As Joseph Cambell would say “You have only to grab the thread of the Hero’s path…”

Prose, poetry, and philosophy blend to make this ancient story unforgettably new. Over and over again, you will discover this story is your story.

This story was written for Diana's Grove Mystery School 2002

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Meet the Author

Cynthea has studied a variety of metaphysical practices for most of her life. She has also created, taught, and provided experiential training for people from all over the country. Her style is charismatic, insightful, and individualized. She is one of those leaders, who truly leads by going first - into the depths of personal growth. Her students describe her with the theme "she changed my life." Cynthea is a skilled astrologer, mythologist, and master of Tarot for use as a personal development tool.

Cynthea has re-written numerous myths to personalize them and create tools for more profound understanding.

Cynthea Jones

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