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Astrology: Adding Dimension


Monday Night Astrology

This series is for those of you who are well-versed in the language of Astrology… And want to add dimension to your vocabulary.

These classes will add nuance to your chart and introduce new voices to the chorus of who you are.

6 class series $125 to $155  - Sliding Scale

Asteroids: The Blessings of the Goddesses

August 28 to October 2


“An asteroid is a minor planet—an object that is neither a true planet nor a comet—that orbits within the inner Solar System.


Eleven powerful “planets” in the Astrological Pantheon; the Sun and Moon are literally Luminaries. Chiron, who we know is a powerful speaker in a chart, has been called an asteroid. And Pluto, well… he will always be a Planet to me no matter how he is classified by others. Have you noticed that there are only 2 Goddesses in this collective?  Where are those powerful female forces that shape our destiny and our becoming? 


The Asteroids: Here they are and they are ready to have their say about you.


August 28  Ceres (Demeter)

Cycles of loss & return, attachment, self-nurturing or self-care.

Sept  4  Labor day (no class)

Sept 11  Pallas (Athena)

Strategy, intelligence, and skill.

Sept 18 Juno (Hera) 

Loyalty, relationships, home, and family

Sept 25 Vespa (Hestia)

What you devote yourself to, hold sacred, and that which warms your soul.

10/2  Lillith 

Feminine power, wild nature, and primal energy.  Shadow work

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