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Astrology: Diving Deeper


Part One: Below the Horizon  July 8th to August 12th 

$150 -$200  Sliding Scale

8:00 to 10:00 Eastern Time   (9 -11 Atlantic  7-9 Central  6-8 Mountain 5-7 Pacific)

Twelve stories about you, each one told by signs and symbols, by Deities invoked with your first breath.  Some stories are innate within you.  Some are awakened by the traveling teachers in the sky.  And some stories, like a bud becoming a flower, are told by the evolving nature of who you are.

And… there is more:  The Whole House System      Another reflection of you


This class will focus on taking an in-depth look at your chart through two different but compatible lenses: the Placidus House System, which you know as “Your chart,” and the much older Whole House System. I consider the Placidus system to reveal what you discuss with your therapist; the Whole House System is what you are told by your Shaman.


“The Whole Sign house system is the oldest form of house division, and remained the preferred method of determining houses for about a thousand years after its inception.”

“There is no right house system. There is a kaleidoscope of ways to see ourselves, which are all valid, helpful, and necessary. Thinking that there is only one right house system is like thinking there is only one right therapy or healing modality. Often, one system or modality can inform the other and work together in tandem.

It’s simply a matter of perspective — and choice. Many astrologers use different house systems for different purposes. While you might want to stick with one house system when you’re first learning astrology, viewing your chart in different systems can be a great way to understand your chart, and your life, from fresh points of view.

Sliding Scale $150 - $200

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