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Blue Skies

Astrological Consultations

Please note that exact birth time is essential for all consultations and reports.


Life Path Reading

You are so much more than your Sun sign. This hour long session discusses all those other indicators in your personal astrological chart.

1 hour - $90


Solar Return Reading

Every year you grow and change. Every year presents new astrological challenges and gifts. This reading uses the chart for the year as a guide to navigating those challenges and utilizing those gifts.. 

1 hour - $90


Moon Phases

Lunacy:  The Moon Phase at the time of your birth reveals the way you make your mark upon the world.  As you evolve, the relationship between your Progressed Moon and Natal Sun indicates what you are called to do now and the challenge that stands before you. 

1 hour - $90


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Want advice from the unconscious displayed to you in  an image?

Use your own deck to explore solutions.


Unsure of which choice to make? Ask Oracle to speak through the images of the Tarot.

Your Life Guide
Year Guide

Each of us has an archetypal guide in the Tarot as well as life lessons, gifts, and challenges. Explore yours with us.

1 hour - $75

1 hour - $75

1 hour - $75


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