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Why Mythology?

Hear the stories that live in your imagination’s memory.

Here – the stories that live in your imagination’s memories.


A myth lets you peek into your own Psyche. It invites you to walk around the subconscious of a culture. Myth lets you interact with beliefs you didn’t know you had. Myths and fairy tales have told you how women are, how men are and who you are. They tell you about the nature of nature. They invite you to gossip about the secret life of the deities.

So…  Follow the story into the collective mind of our culture, and, while we are there, let’s make some changes.  Let’s rearrange the furniture. When we tell an ancient story differently, we tell our own story differently. We can re-story, re-store-y, ourselves.


After all…


“Facts don’t change people, stories do.”

My latest projects

2023 Mythic Exploration


The Ballad of Tam Lin and Jennet

A mythic story invites you to re-imagine yourself through the eyes of Magic. The Ballad of Tam Lin is a story about you. A noble knight, yes you are a warrior, a woman who hears a call to go to the wild places... You know you will. It is a love story between possibility and reality. Join us and find yourself in this Celtic ballad.

2022 Mythic Exploration


The Labyrinth and the Minotaur

The story of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur will be available via Kindle in January 2023

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