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Blue Skies

Classes and Workshops

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Going Deeper

Philosophy of Astrology

Now available as 2 sessions of video available at your convenience.

$10 each session


Going Deeper: The Planets

Each class will discuss a Planet in your Natal and Progressed charts, the House they rule in your chart, and how they relate to other planets in your constellation of self. We will explore each planet’s element, modality, speed, and its “return”.

Monday evenings

May 15th to July 31st

(no class July 3)

8:00pm to 10pm Eastern Time

Via Zoom


Limited to 10

Tarot Classes

Communal Wisdom

Introduction to Tarot

The introductory class covers the pattern of a tarot deck:

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana


What do they mean and how can you use them?

Check back or let us know you would like for us to schedule this introduction again.


Communal Wisdom

“It takes a village to read a card”. That is what I have learned from this Thursday Night Class. Each series is limited to 10 participants. We explore a subject by asking a personal question that then becomes a piece of a 10 card pattern. Each person holds a piece of the whole.  Different decks come together, insights on each card are shared, meaning shapeshift; the cards take on a depth and relevance that can only be achieved by a meeting of the minds. The net class will explore 7 Archetypes of Tarot.

8 Sessions : May 11th to June 29th

8:00pm to 10pm Eastern Time Via Zoom

Limited to 10   $200

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