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Blue Skies

Classes and Workshops

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The Fairy Queen Alt Aspect Ratio_edited.
Tam Lin
The Fairy Queen Alt Aspect Ratio_edited.


January 7th     Tam Lin’s   Story   

February 4th    Jennet and Carter Shay

March 4th         Doubt

April 1st            Samhain's Eve


We meet via Zoom.

We meet on Saturdays

      from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern Time

     (1:00 to 4:00 Central, 12:00 to 3:00 Mountain,

         11:00 to 2:00 Pacific)

Meetings will be recorded and available to participants following the class.

Participation is limited 20 participants.

Presented by Cynthea Jones & Patricia Storm

Cost: $350

January    Tam Lin    A noble knight: the Warrior consecrates her sword.  He dedicates himself to his values, what is your code of ethics?  In service to a court… What court do you serve?   These things we must know about ourselves before…   This month, Tam Lin will meet the Fairy Queen. He, like you, will choose which road to travel.


February   Jennet   A Nobleman’s daughter, a woman born during an eclipse of the moon, she was always … well not quite like the rest of us.  Different.  Special. Mystical. Magical. Jennet, like you, was called to the Wild Places.   Do you hear a call?   Will you throw down convention and run?   Of course you will.


March    Faith and Doubt    Possibility’s  prayer “Believe in me even though I am not real”   Does a vision beg you to bring it into life? 


April       Sacrifice - To Make Sacred   Vision, Love, Purpose – Samhain Eve - Tam Lin moves Between the Worlds.   Catch a dream and make it real.


May     Oenothera The Fairy Queen   The story retold.  How would Magic tell your story?

Astrology Classes

Astrology Classes

Introduction to Astrology

The introductory class covers the 3 aspects of reading a Natal Astrological Chart:

Houses, Signs, and Planets

This class or understanding of this information is a prerequisite to the Advanced Astrology Class


Astrology as Poetry

This class explores additional and more complex astrological concepts once the basics are understood.

Jan. 9th and 16th

8:00pm to 10pm Eastern Time

Via Zoom

was $120

Now $50

Limited to 15

Monday evenings

Jan. 23rd through March 6th

8:00pm to 10pm Eastern Time

Via Zoom


Limited to 15

Tarot Classes


Introduction to Tarot

The introductory class covers the pattern of a tarot deck:

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana


What do they mean and how can you use them?

Jan. 5th and 12th

8:00pm to 10pm Eastern Time

Via Zoom

NOW $50

Limited to 20


Communal Wisdom

“It takes a village to read a card”. That is what I have learned from this Thursday Night Class. Each series is limited to 10 participants. We explore a subject by asking a personal question that then becomes a piece of a 10 card pattern. Each person holds a piece of the whole.  Different decks come together, insights on each card are shared, meaning shapeshift; the cards take on a depth and relevance that can only be achieved by a meeting of the minds. The first class will explore the Cornerstones of our Community then complete the previous sessions Archetypes.

Tarot Classe

6 Sessions : Jan. 19th thru Mar. 2nd

8:00pm to 10pm Eastern Time Via Zoom

Limited to 10   $150

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