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Communal Wisdom

Communal Wisdom Class

Thursday Evenings for 7 weeks

January 11 through February 22

8:00 to 10:00 Eastern

Registration is limited to 10 Participants


via Zoom

See Details below


 Communal Wisdom

A multi-card spread where a community or team can come together to create a whole made up of individual perspectives.  Communal Wisdom brings this philosophy into practice: Every person has a unique insight that is a piece of the whole. We might say it is a ritual of inclusion, a practice that validates each contribution to the whole. 


This class will look at the Celtic Cross spread in a new way and encourage you to share your piece of the puzzle. It is open to anyone who wants to bring this tool into their team or community work.

You will have the opportunity to see the wisdom of Tarot through a multitude of decks.


Bring your deck of choice and listen to the many voices of the tarot.

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