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Spiraling Inward
Persephone's Return to the Underworld

A love story, a healing story, a story of Trance-formation

4 Saturdays  -  1 to 4  Eastern (12 to 3 Central  11-2 Mountain  10 to 1 Pacific)

Through Story, Trance, and Small Group Sharing

We will follow the Goddess of Spring to her place of power.


September 9th   Deep calls to Deep

Hearing the call to leave the Garden

October 14th Packing your bags,

Crossing the threshold (there is no turning back)

November 11th The 5 Truths of Persephone

Seeds of Healing

December 9th Preparing for Rebirth

The light will call you home.

$175 to $225 Sliding Scale

(Group limited to 15 participants)

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