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Communal Wisdom

Thursday Evenings for sessions

July 11 through September 5th

(no class Aug. 29th)

8:00 to 9:30 Eastern

Registration is limited to 10 Participants

Sliding Scale

$160 - $200

via Zoom

See Details below


 Communal Wisdom

​Tarot as a Personal/Spiritual Practice

$160 to $200 (Sliding Scale)

 July 11 to Sept 5th  (No class August 29th)


Fingerprint upon your Soul: Lead by the Deities

and their Tarot Archetypes: We walk the Labyrinth


Self- Hermes : The Magician  ( What covers me/ Self Image)


Exchange/ Duality:  Artemis  The Priestess  (What crosses me) (Environment)


Expansion: Jupiter/Zeus   The Wheel of Fortune  (What is above me – Striving & inspiration)


Form:  Saturn   The Devil/The Universe  (Foundation) 


Beyond Form:  Apollo  The Sun/The Lady and the Lion (hopes and fears)


Resolution:  Venus and Mars   The Lovers  (the next step - action)


Contrast:  The Cacophony of the Gods  the Charioteer/ Temperance/ (integration/ past)


August 29th  :  A one week break

The center:    The Outcome


The Rungs of the Labyrinth, Those Seven Heavenly Gods and Goddesses Visible in the Sky and The Tarot Archetypes associated with them:  Questions, Reflections, The combination of cards that tells a larger story. To this, we add a personal mandala, a meditation built by each week’s card.  Let’s join together to create a personal and communal spiritual journey into the Labyrinth of the Self .

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