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Class Descriton
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Quadrant Breakdown

Spiraling Inward

Meta-Physics, Magical Practice, and Personal Work

Class Structure

The year will be divided into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant will be 3 months / 3 sessions. 

Date & Time

3 hour* sessions held the 2nd Saturday of each month from 2-5PM ET via Zoom

*2 hours of Mystery work followed by an optional 1 hour of focus on Astrology or Tarot


$150 per quadrant

Bundled pricing available upon request!

Class Description

In Ancient Greek theology, there are 12 Olympian Deities, 12 signs in the Zodiac, 12 Houses in an astrological chart, and, thankfully 12 months in the year. 


Join us on the second Saturday of each month as we explore the 12

Facets of Being. Like chambers of the Nautilus, each Facet is complete, and it gives rise to the next.


Astrology without the stars,  Tarot’s contribution to each chamber, to that, we will add insights from Dianas’s Grove Philosophy: The Cornerstones, Non-negotiables, Leadership Arts… who knows what ideas might join each session.

The prominence of the number 12 stems from the historical influence of the Judeo-Christian tradition, says University of Toronto religion professor David Reed.


12 is mentioned often in the New Testament, such as Jesus' selection of 12 apostles. That choice was deliberate.  Each apostle represents one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The Book of Revelations refers to 12 gates and 12 angels.


 “Our whole culture is influenced by that religious frame of reference."

Quadrant Breakdown


Personal Developement


  • Fire: Conception: Self-Concept, Identity, Differentiation.

  • Choice: Who are you?

  • The spark. The flame



  • Earth: Physical Presence: Body, Talents, Skills. Embodied Values. Stewardship of Self.

  • The candle that holds the flame



  • Air: Communication: Who do you think you are? Who do you say you are?

  • Sound, Words, Learning and Telling, Bridge Building: Thinking Well of Others - The air that teaches the flame to dance.


Our Ability to Bond


  • Water: History, Heritage and The Private Self.

  • Chiron’s Cave: Retreat and the Wounds that shape us.

  • The water that is released by the flame.

  • What is essential to you emotionally


  • Fire: Self Esteem, recognition, visibility

  • Creative expression, personal mythology,

  • Thinking well of Self.

  • The hearth fire.


  • Earth: Work, service, health and healing: Gathering the healing herbs.

  • Sharing the harvest of your talents.

  • The wood that feeds the hearth fire




  • Air: Inter-Dependence Collaboration

  • Cooperation. Harmony – Friendships and Partnerships

  • The air that enables the fire to burn brightly.



  • Water: The Depth Within, your

  • Relationship with Power, The Power of

  • Motivation. Thinking Well of Self

  • The water that puts the flame to rest.



  • Fire: Reaching Beyond the

  • Limits: Dreams and Myths, the Invisible

  • World Speaks to you. Choice.

  • The hungry grass fire.




  • Earth: Legacy Achievement

  • Responsibility for a clan, an Intention, and your own Excellence. Stewardship of Self.

  • The bare ground that contains the fire.



  • Air: Common Unity:

  • Community. Humanity. Making a Difference in the World. Thinking Well of Others.

  • The air that moves the fire



  • Water: Mystical Dissolution.

  • Releasing the Sacred Sound. What do you make sacred and what then falls away? The place where fire meets the ocean.

  • A place where fire meets the ocean: the flame drips upon the sea.

Meet the Instructors

Meet the Instructors

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Cynthea Jones has studied a variety of metaphysical practices for most of her life. She has also created, taught, and provided experiential training for people from all over the country. Her  style is charismatic, insightful, and individualized

Patricia Storm has a Master's Degree in Psychology and has integrated Psychology with Metaphysics in order to empower individuals to understand themselves and find their own solutions to their personal life challenges as well as develop their unique talents and skills.

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