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Birth Data needed


Please complete the astrological information form on this site if you have not had a previous report or astrological consultation with us.

The Sky Within computer-generated astrology report is based on your natal chart using your actual birth time. Using original text written by Steven Forrest, the information you'll receive in the report is based on what you would receive in a basic natal reading. Although a report can't compare with an in-person reading, it's a great place to start learning about your chart. These also make great gifts for friends or family members you'd like to introduce to astrology.

This report provides descriptions for each of the major symbols in the chart, including the major planets, the sun, moon and ascendant (or rising sign). It also gives a brief interpretation of the Lunar Nodes according to sign and house placement. The report does not include descriptions of every aspect, but does include descriptions of conjunctions to the Sun or Moon.

Steven Forrest Sky Within

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