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Please complete the astrological information form on this site if you have not had a previous report or astrological consultation with us.​


This sophisticated computer-generated astrology report written by Steven Forrest deals with astrological "current events"--transits and progressions. Based on Steven's book The Changing Sky, your SkyLog is delivered to you as a pdf document up 40 pages long, depending on how many astrological configurations are at play. Expressing Steven's unique approach, the focus in this report is on freedom, choice, and personal responsibility instead of prediction.Your report is divided into 3 sections: The Invitation describes developmental challenges and potentials; The Means covers the changing tactics and strategies appropriate during that time; and The Details offers a day-by-day analysis of the ever-shifting astrological weather.f conjunctions to the Sun or Moon.

Steven Forrest Sky Log 6 months

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