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Cynthea Jones & Patricia Storm

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Cynthea Jones

Cynthea Jones has studied a variety of metaphysical practices for most of her life. She has also created, taught, and provided experiential training for people from all over the country. Her  style is charismatic, insightful, and individualized. She is one of those leaders, who truly leads by going first - into the depths of personal growth. Her students describe her with the theme "she changed my life." Cynthea is a skilled astrologer, mythologist, and master of Tarot for use as a personal development tool. Cynthea has re-written numerous myths to personalize them and create tools for more profound understanding.

Patricia Storm

Patricia Storm has a Master's Degree in Psychology and has integrated Psychology with Metaphysics in order to empower individuals to understand themselves and find their own solutions to their personal life challenges as well as develop their unique talents and skills.

Patricia uses her training in Hypnotherapy , drum and trance, and working with Cynthea's "re-storying" of myth to design a personal roadmap to empowerment, understanding , and resolution.

What they say about us

Sometimes I am asked about my teachers, my training. Like everyone, I have learned many things from many people, in many ways, over many years. My "root" teachers, however, are Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm of Diana's Grove, with whom I was privileged to study and, later, teach.

This is my strongest recommendation. Everything I do, today, I learned to do, or learned to do better, from these women and within the container they created.

That they are still teaching is our great good fortune. If you are interested in myth and story, in narrative magic, in personal growth, in knowing yourself better, in the skills of co-creating community... nothing made more of a difference, in my life, than doing this work with these people. You can do it too.

Check out their website. There are all kinds of offerings for all kinds and levels of interest. And if you register before December 1st, you get a discount!


"The work that I did with Patricia and Cynthea was life-changing. I had no idea I was an oral storyteller until they encouraged my talents and made the space for me to become one. Cynthea's knowledge of storytelling and poetry are great gifts, and her ability to both tell a story while teaching you how to do it is empowering and awe-inspiring. Patricia's knowledge of group dynamics and astrology allow her to be a great listener who also provides relevant personal information in an impactful and encouraging way. 

If you want to learn more about yourself, improve your communication skills and perhaps even start on a new adventure all your own, you owe it to yourself to work with these two wise women. "

--Shaun Perkins, Director, Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry

I have been singing the praises of Cynthea Jones and Patricia Storm, my two most influential mentors, for years, and years. They taught me nearly everything I know about leadership, community-building, ritual artistry, and group facilitation. I use those skills nearly every single day in my personal and professional relationships, and I quite literally would not be who I am today without them. They are offering some fantastic workshops in the coming year - and if any of this sounds like something you'd be interested in diving into, I can't recommend their work highly enough. Even better -- they're doing it within the framework of the Ballad of Tam Lin, which is a rich and wonderful story, particularly the way Cynthea tells it.

River R

" Some of the most challenging and rewarding lessons in my life came from Patricia and Cynthea. Their gifts of personal wisdom, storytelling, and compassion have had a great impact on me over the years. If you have any interest at all in the work they offer, take the plunge - you'll be so glad that you did. "

--Jason Frey

  "I am continually amazed by the depth of Cynthea's readings. She always opens up ways of thinking about a situation and personal dynamics that would never have occurred to me."  

-- Joyce

"If you have a chance to study with Cynthea and Patricia, do not pass it up. It is an experience you'll never forget." 

--River Higginbotham

" My time during weekends and in groups at Diana’s Grove and with Cynthea and Patrica has enabled me to connect with my own deepest values and to bring those values into my daily living. Through myth,  questions, tarot; astrology and deep conversations I was able to first discover them; articulate them and then bring them into life as mine.  I am deeply grateful ."

-- Marilyn Sue

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