Diana's Grove Mystery School 2012 - Seasons of the Soul

A year-long adventure into the mystery of being human and the maze of interaction.

Just imagine... Imagine yourself looking into a mirror. The natural world appears as your reflection. Red, rust, yellow, in the time of autumn, you see yourself as the bright leaves and the clear, cool nights. You are a field of golden wheat ready to be harvested. You are the season’s ripe bounty; you are beauty’s feast. November - bare branches stark against the moon, you are the rattle of dry leaves and the taste of winter in the air. Look deeper, look within the season and see a seasonal way of life. That’s you. Clan life, long ago life, life before walls, life when the fire was the only heat and the Shaman talked to the spirit of the deer to discover the pattern of migration.

Yes, that is your reflection...
or is it that you are a reflection of those long gone times? Instinct, cellular memory, the history that runs in the marrow of your bones, the key to these mysteries is held by the seasons of the soul. The lucky are born at the Summer Solstice when the nights are warm, food plentiful, and mother’s milk abundant. The child born at the Winter Solstice knows the value of every resource and is blessed with the will to survive and a strategy to do so.

Seasons of the soul, the astrological wheel is more than a picture of an individual captured by the stars. It is the keeper of the mystery of human nature. You can use the Astrological Mandala to understand the instinct, desire and impulse that shape all interaction. Group dynamics, community relationships, the mystery of who we are and who we are when we are together is held in that timeless pattern.

Each sign is a complex history and a deep-seated prophecy. The seasons of the year hold the mystery of the growing cycle, the rise and fall of the vital sap within the trees. Just like the changing light awakens the instinctual wisdom of plants and animals, the seasons of our soul tell us when to gather resources and when to emerge from winter’s slumber. Although our personal astrological charts are varied and unique, Diana’s Grove will be offering a year devoted to the mysteries of being and the way we are all shaped by a year’s cyclical wisdom. You hold the whole year within you. You are the mystery and promise each season makes to the night sky.

The challenge and gift of the current season will be the focus of each month. Our year begins with Capricorn... leadership and action. Then Aquarius - community and our need for each other. We will travel, sign by sign, through the year. Let the season connect you with your primordial instincts; your soul’s desire, your body’s knowing, your dream’s memories.

Remember... imagine...

Reflection, a mirror, within it - a maze - step in; wander; discover who you are. The pattern of the year offers you a key not only to yourself, but to the deeper mysteries of group interactions.  It will give those of you who have accepted the responsibility of leadership an extraordinary tool. The Astrological mandala can show you the roots of conflict and how to resolve those conflicts.

If you are a mediator, facilitator or a person interested in creating a healthy group or community structure, astrology does not require your belief in the stars to offer you insight in human natures. Secrets are held in the timeless patterns; individually and together, we will step into the mystery of our deepest selves and our relationships.  Will you look into the mirror of the season and see yourself anew.

Diana’s Grove is offering a year- long Mystery School in Ferguson MO. Friday night classes and weekend intensives to explore not only the sign but the issues that each sign brings us and rituals to heal those issues; weekends offer personal work, information and astrology as you have not seen it before.

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