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Celtic Cross: A Map, a Spell-Crafting 

Part 1: The Language of Symbols

Part 2: Making the Map

The Language of Symbols

Jan 11th  Angeles Arrien’s    Signs of Life  5 symbols, their cross cultural associations, and what they say about you.


Jan 18th  Mauri Dream Circle :  A new year’s ritual, a symbolic story of your year to come.


Jan  25 Nature as a Source of Symbols – Earth is our common language


Feb  1 Colors and stones       Visual and Tangible    Affirmations and Amulets

4 Two-Hour Session - $140

Celtic Cross: Making the Map

Feb 15  First Card – The significator:   This is who I am   

Feb 22 10th Card   - What I want to bring into my life?

March 1   3rd card    Invoking the Ancestors  

Mar  8   5th card   Spirt guides, guardians, protectors –

March 15  1st Card   My elemental element

March  22  2nd card   What crosses me.  My challenge

March 29    4th card     What I will now put in my past.

 April  5th   6th card      The action I am going to take.

              April 12   An Integration Break

April   19    9th card  Hopes and fears

April  26  7th card     Self Image   My Mythic Self  

May 3rd  8th card  The environment   How I surround myself 

May  10th  Final Class   Claiming the outcome  -  My Celtic Cross

12 Two-Hour Session - $360

Celtic Cross
The Symbols and the Map

Combine both parts of this class for a discount.

16 Two-Hour Session - $450

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