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4150 Hwy M
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St. Louis location: Ferguson, MO


A community. A philosophy. Intentional Work.
17 years of Mystery School experience comes to the St. Louis area.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Mystery School?

Oh, for better words than Personal Growth! - for words that better describe Mystery School's focus and intention. Self-realization, self-actualization, yes. but in the context of building relationships and sharing your life with others. Not personal growth just for yourself but personal growth so you can be more fully a part of a community, more acutely present in all of your relationships.

Mystery School is a year-long program that builds an intentional community online with optional on-site monthly intensives/weekend events. The purpose of Mystery School is to support you in learning about the greatest Mysteries of all: first, who you are - really are, when all society's and family's masks and roles are laid aside - and, second, how that Self can be in healthy relationship with the rest of the world. The third mystery is how each Self can be in relationship with some experience of divinity, with the sacred.

Registration for Mystery School includes monthly packets that guide your discovery of these aspects of your life, in the context of a community of others who are seeking their own answers. As a tool to guide that discovery, we use classical mythology from different cultures - stories that are so timeless that we can find ourselves and our times within them. Registration for Mystery School also includes access to on-line discussions where members post comments and questions, share thoughts, discuss the workbook material from the packet and take the mysteries to a deeper level. Two options are available for on-line discussion: a private Facebook page and an email discussion list.

Our "The Bones of Mystery School" booklet offers you the bones of past Mystery School experiences. Shards of philosophy, fragments of magical work; this booklet contains the essence of the past experiences that shape our current work.


To register for the 2012 year, please visit our registration page. Registration will remain open throughout the year, so do please feel free to join in and to refer those you think might be interested.

Optional Intensives

While many of our Mysteries have been happily participating for years without ever coming to an event, as a Mystery you can register ( see our calendar) for any of an extensive menu of events that:

  • Awaken your creative spirit
  • Encourage you to think about who you are and what your life can be
  • Introduce you to friends you have yet to meet
  • Give you time for yourself — or time to be engaged with others

Our new venue is a graceful and spacious home located in historic Ferguson and surrounded by a few acres of private, walkable, and wooded land. See our home page for a gallery of photos for our new event location.

A Friday night event will be offered as a stand alone class that is open to all. Friday night is an introduction into the astrological sign of the month and will include discussion of the sign's meanings for individuals and groups.

The weekend event includes Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday through lunch. Please see our events page for our full events calendar and our schedule of activities for events.

Housing for Intensives

If you are coming from out of town for events and you need a place to stay, please let us know and we will try to connect you with a member of our community who is able to volunteer housing. To request housing arrangements (subject to availability), please email us at

Optional Meal Plan

Our meal plan option provides community meals - omnivore with vegetarian options (breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday) for $30. To learn more about the meal plan option, please see our meal plan page.

If you have any questions or concerns about registering, or would like more information about housing and meals, please email us at or call us at 573-714-4231.

If you would like to learn more, please read About Us.

Learn more about how Mystery School uses mythology to teach.