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A community. A philosophy. Intentional Work.
17 years of Mystery School experience comes to the St. Louis area.
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Serving as Diana's Grove Staff

Cynthea Jones Cynthea Jones followed a call to manifest the vision of a place where people could come for personal and spiritual growth, as well as leadership development. When she and Patricia Storm founded Diana's Grove in 1993, both a retreat center and a spiritual philosophy dedicated to healthy group interaction and community building was born. Diana's Grove continues to offer the life-changing work of Mystery School, now offering our on-site retreats in Ferguson, MO.

Cynthea is the primary force behind the Mystery School stories and material, and designs the weekend and week-long intensives. Cynthea has taught metaphysics, Tarot, and astrology for over 20 years, her teaching invites individuals into her unique process of bringing the cards out of the box and into conversation. In addition to her passion for myth and community development, Cynthea devotes much of her time to the Diana's Grove Dog Rescue operation, one of the no-kill independent rescues in Missouri, where she has helped to save the lives of countless dogs and puppies and find them homes across the United States and Canada.

Patricia Storm Patricia Storm was "sponsored" by the vision of Diana's Grove in 1993. Her preparation for following that vision includes a MA in Psychology and experience in working with special needs children, adults, and families. Patricia is committed to the philosophy of leadership and personal growth that is a part of and a continually developing process of Diana's Grove philosophy. Patricia offers skills in small and large group facilitation as well as conflict resolution. She continues to seek greater understanding of human nature and interactions. Her special interest in drumming has been fostered and grown by her work with Layne Redmond, Tommy Brunjes, and Glen Velez.

charles Charles is a wandering spirit who has come to this work by daring to follow his heart and listening to the yearning of his soul. With faith and curiosity he has spent life roaming North America gathering an eclectic set of skills and experiences.

From these journeys have learned many lessons: how to survive on what is at hand, how to live in community, and how to solve problems without first worrying whether a solution can be found. His life is his spiritual practice, and sustainability and Earth stewardship are his passion.

He teaches skills in alternative and sustainable living through the Stewardship program, focused weekends and long-term apprenticeships. Charles has taught at Sterling College, Diana's Grove, Earth Activist Trainings, Farm & Wilderness, Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, Witch Camps, Sacred Places, numerous mass mobilizations and workshops around the country.

River Higginbotham River Higginbothamhas a vision to foster personal growth and bring healthy community dynamics, based on the Diana's Grove philosophy, to groups everywhere with a special focus on earth-centered spiritual communities. He has been a leader in the earth-centered and neo-pagan communities in St. Louis, MO since the early 1990's. Working in those communities he has helped to create local networking groups that have held nearly two hundred open events to help people connect and support one another on their spiritual journeys and in their personal development. River and his wife Joyce (also a Mystery) have been teachers of personal growth and neo-paganism for over a decade. Together they have authored three books based on their teaching and community experiences: Paganism: An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions (2002), Pagan Spirituality: A Guide For Personal Transformation (2006) and ChristoPaganism: An Inclusive Path (February 2009). They teach and speak at neo-pagan events all over the country. Learn more at:

Many of River's most profound spiritual experiences have occurred at Diana's Grove - as part of the LifeSong festivals and in Mystery School. He joined Mystery School in 2003, completed the leadership training program in 2007 and joined the staff in 2008. As his journey continues, River hopes to continue growing, to support the growth of others through Mystery School, and to spead the word about this community and what is possible with healthy community dynamics.